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Full Hides

  • Aztec Buffalo Leather

    Aztec Buffalo Leather

    Our Aztec Buffalo Leather is some of the finest upholstry bison leather on the market. It has Light pull and very stable with a natural aniline look. Also great for leather garmets and leather apparrel with a soft touch this...
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  • Heritage Buffalo Leather

    Heritage Buffalo Leather

    Our Heritage American Buffalo leather hides are furniture-grade and finished with a lightly-pebbled finish. Perfect for your upholstery needs. Sold as full hides. Furniture-Grade, also known as Full-Grain buffalo leather is...
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  • Navajo Buffalo Leather

    Navajo Buffalo Leather

    Neubuck style leather with just the right suede.
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  • Ute Bison Leather

    Ute Bison Leather

    Our line of Ute Bison leather hides represent our finest upholstery leather. Sporting a finished surface and non-modified natural bison texture, these hides are perfect for your upholstery and garment/apparel making needs...
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Our American Bison Leather

Genuine American Bison leather is over 40% stronger than traditional cowhide and is unparalleled in its softness, strength, and durability. Showcasing the beautiful marks of a range animal, the natural grain of our bison hides is not corrected with artificial embossing or plating. All American Bison Leather (ABL) hides are treated with an earth-friendly 'wet-white' tanning process - resulting in the highest quality buttery soft, luxurious leather.

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